Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Delicate Caress Travel Brush Set (Cheap Sigma Dupe?)

So I have been taking a little trip here and a little trip there for a while and I've always carried some (i.e. too many) of my full sized makeup brushes in a Sigma brush cup. This is fine, but a little bulky for the highly efficient packing technique I am trying to perfect so I thought I should get a travel brush set.

The one shown here is made by Delicate Caress and contains 12 travel-sized brushes in a handy brush holder, which also doubles as a carrying-case.

Included in the kit are (Right to left): Large Powder, Duo Fibre, Flat Foundation, Large Angled Contour (blush), Pencil, Concealer, Eye-shading, Medium Angled Shading, Flat Definer, Angled Blending, Tapered Blending and Lip brush.

Just in case you're not sure which brush does what, the labels are thoughtfully printed on each of the bright pink and purple handles.

Now for what I think about this kit.

It is very convenient for short travel in that it contains pretty much all the basics you will need for a full face of makeup. The brushes included can of course be used for anything you want but it is nice to have uniformed labels printed on them. For example, I like to use the "Foundation Brush" for blending my under eye concealer.

I have had my eyes on the Sigma Travel Kit for a long time but I could never justify spending $75 for small brushes that I will use for maximum of a week every couple of months. In addition to this, the Sigma version, which also includes the brush cup/case, only comes with 7 brushes while the Delicate Caress version contains 12 brushes for less than $25! Is that insane or what!

Having said that, the quality of these brushes is noticeably lower than what I would expect from Sigma or other big brands. Though the bristles are soft enough and comfortable on the skin, I had a bit of initial shedding from the Large Powder and the Tapered Blending brushes. Also, the glue was not very strong connecting the ferule to the handle and one or two of the smaller brushes came loose even before I used them.

For the price and fact that I only use these brushes for short periods of time, I can overlook these flaws. The glue issue was easily remedied with regular super glue and the shedding decreased after a few washes. For $25, there's not much I can complain about.

For a size comparison, here is how some of the Delicate Caress brushes stand up to full-sized versions of their counterparts from Sigma. All of the eye brush heads are the same size as on a full-sized brush but the face brush heads are a little smaller in diameter.

Above is a comparison of the full-sized Sigma cup/holder to the Delicate Caress version. The travel brush holder stands only 6.7 inches tall so it can easily fit in a handbag or carry-on luggage.

I purchased the Delicate Caress Travel Brush Set from Amazon for $24.50 with free shipping at the time (4 months ago).

Overall, I am quite happy with this travel brush set. For the short amount of consecutive time that I use it on weekend getaways and short trips, the lowered quality in comparison to what I look for in full-sized brushes is easily accepted. I love that it comes with a dual-purposed container to both display and carry the brushes and the fun hot purple color is a nice change from my regular black brushes. Honestly, when I've travelled lately, I have swapped out a few of the brushes for others that I like better for foundation and eyeshadow blending but the rest of them work just fine for me.

I will rate this kit based on the assumption of very short term usage and not for everyday makeup application.

I give the Delicate Caress Travel Brush set 4/5 for convenience and affordability.

Thanks for reading!

What brushes do you carry when you travel?


  1. I think the price is just right, I kind of want a sigma set now lol

    1. Haha! I did too but like that this one has almost double the number of brushes. I like options :-)

  2. I really need to expand my daily brush collection, so I got excited when I read the words sigma dupe! haha! Since I need more brushes for daily use, I might pass on these! But the price is really great! They look like brushes you paid at least $50 for!

    1. Yea, these ones are just for travel but if you're looking for budget-friendly everyday brushes, I have had good luck with some Coastal Scents brushes as well.

  3. Looks like a great travel set!

    I refuse to purchase the Sigma Travel Kit because it's so pricey... Is it me or do they increase their price of their products every year?

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes its hard to keep up. Even though I love their brushes, I just can't rationalize spending that on travel brushes right now. I'd rather use it for full-sized. :-)

  4. This sounds like a great travel set! Like you said, for something you'll only use a few weeks out of the year I wouldn't be able to justify a $75 dollar set either, I would definitely go for this one instead even if the brushes are of lower quality - but still good. And I love the colour! :-)


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