Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DIY Whipped Hair and Body Shea Butter Mix!

Hair and body butters are all the rave and so moisturizing but *whispering*, they can be so expensive! Not to mention they could contain questionable ingredients we can't even pronounce. How about making your own natural shea butter mix that you can use on hair, skin and nails? I promise, its easy!

The cool thing about making your own moisturizing butter is that you can put whatever you want in it. I usually use Shea butter as a base and add whatever oils I have on hand.

What you'll need:

Unrefined Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Avocado Oil
Almond Oil
Castor Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Essential Oil(s)
Empty container(s)

The technique is super simple. Simply add all the liquid oils in a mixing bowl and get ready for whipping. I used between 1/4 to 1/2 a cup for each of the oils listed above.

Shea butter is a bit tough, so you'll need to break and heat it up to soften it a bit to make whipping easier.

I let my shea butter sit in the microwave for about 30 seconds to just soften but not completely melt it. I like to keep the firmness so that it doesn't take too long for the mixture to harden to its natural state. If you melt it totally, you may need to put the mixture in the refrigerator to harden before whipping.

Now add the shea butter to the oils in the mixing bowl and whip for about 5 minutes.

After whipping on high speed for a few minutes, the mixture becomes fluffy and much creamier. At this point,  I add some fragrance to help cancel out the "earthy" smell of the shea butter and coconut oil. I used lavender and orange essential oils, which give it a fresh scent.

 After a total of about 10 minutes of whipping, you get a mixture looking more like a thick butter.

 All that's left to do now is to pile it into some containers. Immediately after whipping, the butter is smooth and airy but after about 2 hours, it sets to a firmer consistency thats really easy to spread and melt into the skin or hair.

And that's it!

I like to use this mixture as a leave-in conditioner on wet hair and as a cuticle and hand creme. You can also use this as a body moisturizer. If you feel especially creative, you can also add food/soap coloring  to give it a fun colorful look.

Thanks for reading!

What are your favorite hair/skin butters?


  1. Omg, that looks so good, you are a pro at beauty DIYs!

  2. That's amazing, and so easy! Would also make great gifts too. *taking notes* :D

    1. It would make an awesome gift! Add a ribbon and you're set! :-)

  3. I usually make one of these too! They last a long time and are pretty inexpensive to make!

  4. I made my own shea butter/cocoa butter last year when i pregnant to prevent stretch marks. It worked, but once all whipped up the concoction would harden! I had to add beeswax ( a natural emulsifyer) to keep it soft! Do keep us posted about how soft this remains for you. It looks so yummy!

  5. Oh, and where id do you get those containers??

  6. Girl, you are seriously crafty! This is so cool, I didn't even know we could make our own shea butter. This is a cool weekend, relaxing project.

    Jen xx


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